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We really do appreciate the way that CFO Dynamics works in our business as if it’s their own. There’s no feeling of being an external contractor. It’s a team effort, and there's no way that I would consider going back to doing the financials the way we were doing them.

Now, we’ve got absolutely clarity on our numbers, we know what the facts are, we can trust our reports, and we can make decisions confidently without having to second-guess ourselves.”

Jeff Grace
General Manager, EasyQuip

I was always too busy to spend time knuckling down and getting the relevant financial information the company and other directors needed.

With the help of CFO Dynamics we drilled down into our products and looked at their revenue and profit versus the labour cost, which helped us pick out the products which were the golden eggs and encourage our sales team to concentrate on those. This had immediate results on our revenue and gross profit the very next quarter.”

Charles Jackson
Managing Director, Commander Ag-Quip

Before working with CFO Dynamics we weren't using our ERP system to its full potential. Brendan and his team were able to come in and train our staff to use MYOB Exo properly, so now we get accurate management and financial reporting every month.

Now, what we're doing and the information we have in front of us means we know exactly what to focus on to improve our profitability, and how to make decisions that positively impact the business every day.”

Justin Jackson
General Manager, Coerco