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Dynamic Boardroom

How fast could your business grow with your own advisory board to guide you to achieve the success you wanted to create?

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The Business Partner Who Will Provide Focus, Knowledge And Results

  • Imagine your own advisory board working with you on the key areas and challenges in your business to bring success
  • Imagine not needing all the answers yourself, you will have a partner who can help with the answers and the questions
  • Imagine having an actionable plan to bring this to life
  • Welcome to Dynamic Boardroom and this is your opportunity to join us

Dynamic Boardroom

Want To Unleash The Growth And Profit Potential Of Your Business?

The question everyone wants to answer is how can I achieve my business goals without running out of cash or running around in circles getting nowhere?

There is no one single element which drives success and our experience is success is based on doing a collection of things well. Dynamic Boardroom provides you with the team to navigate the challenges and take a ticket on the ride to success.

We’re passionate about providing you with the strategies, systems and knowledge to address the challenges your business is facing and achieve your business goals. This means your business doesn’t become dependent on our financial management services, and that you can continue to use the knowledge and experience that you gain to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Dynamic Boardroom is designed to give you:

  • Understand where we have come from and how to learn from the past month/s and years

  • Capitalise on the opportunities available and mitigate the risk of business decisions

  • Provide a strong roadmap for where we are heading to achieve our growth goals while protecting and enhancing our current position

  • Know what your business needs to do each day or month to achieve your personal business goals

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Make Confident and Inightful Financial Decisions with Dynamic Boardroom

This will allow you and your team to know where you have come from, where we are today and where we are heading.

Dynamic Boardroom is your team designed to counsel you with the big decisions you need to make in business and confidence for when the growth investment needs to be made.

  • When am I going to employ a new salesperson?

  • When am I going to open the new location?

  • Where should our sales and marketing focus go?

  • How am I going to present my business to a bank or an investor?

  • How does my business perform against my competitors or similar industries?

This will give you an all access pass to our tools and our team to help you achieve the goals you want to set in your business.

Dynamic Boardroom is a jargon free zone! Everything we discuss we want to ensure it is understandable and actionable, there is no “talk fest”, no reports for the sake of doing reports, this is actionable and profitable knowledge. We see a key part in our role is applying our knowledge in the language of your business so you and your team can implement the plan we build.

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What's Inside The Dynamic Boardroom?

Business Growth, Knowledge and Access All in One (With No Jargon!)

In Dynamic Boardroom we believe “Knowledge + Action = Success”, our role is to provide you the knowledge to build the action plan which will achieve your success.

This is a process and knowledge base we have been refining and enhancing over the last seven years to make you have the same level of information a powerful CEO of a major company would have.

The knowledge and information will help you handle specific situations and answer key questions at every stage of business such as the following.

  • Where is my cash going?
  • When to hire a new salesperson?
  • How do I present my business to a bank or an investor?
  • When is the right time to open a new location or expand our offering into new areas?
  • Do I have the right people?
  • What should I be selling?
  • Where are my sales team and marketing best focused?
  • Can I afford a new…?
  • What would profit and cash look like if we did…?

Dynamic Boardroom is Delivered in 3 Flexible Formats

Expert Advisory

This is your team who is there for you and your business when you need it and proactively providing you with the knowledge you require to achieve your goals.

Within Dynamic Boardroom there is your personal access to our team (which is your team) when you have a burning question, challenge or idea you want to discuss.

Further to this we will proactively give you monthly updates to provide focus on the areas your business is doing well and areas where improvement needs to be made and most importantly how to work through these situations.

Analysis and Projecting

We promised no jargon and actionable plans, this is where we deliver on this promise. We will provide you with the analysis to learn from the recent performance of your business, opportunities which can be capitalised on, actions which need to be continued and weaknesses which need to be strengthened. Most importantly, how to do all these in the most effective manner possible.

We want to turn the numbers and analysis into meaningful knowledge and action which is not intimidating but dare we even say it interesting and exciting (who would say that about business finance?).

How does your business benchmark against others in your industry and similar industries? How much cash are you going to have in the bank and what are minor or major changes in your business going to have on your profit and cash? This is designed to help you with the answers to those questions.

These two coming together we believe can help you drive your business goals and performance.

All Access To Growth Centre

As a bonus you and your team get full access to the Growth Centre tools and resources.

All Access To Growth Centre

Proven Success

CFO Dynamics is exactly the team we were looking for, someone who could provide a bird’s eye view... CFO Dynamics took meticulous care of us.

Charles Jackson | Director/Founder of Commander Agquip

CFO Dynamics have enabled us to make confident business decisions  that will impact the business in a positive way. They brought 100% focus on improving our business profitability. 

Justin Jackson | GM of Sales and Marketing , Coerco

Who Dynamic Boardroom Is For?

Dynamic Boardroom is designed for existing business owners who are operating and making at least six-figure revenue or projecting to do so.

The first step to applying for Dynamic Boardroom is to book your Discovery Session for free today with one of our expert team.

This session is designed to provide the core areas of focus your business needs to action today.

When we understand where your business is today it allows us to develop the plan with you to achieve your goals for tomorrow and negate risks which you are exposed to today.

This process will allow us to determine whether we believe we can add value to your business and whether your business will be a good fit or not for Dynamic Boardroom.

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We accelerate the growth and financial performance of businesses by helping you get your reporting right, grow your profit, generate more cash, and create life changing business equity.

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