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    Cash Creation - Marketing

    Cash Creation - Marketing

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    Cash Creation - Marketing

    It’s not uncommon to see business profits but no cash at the bank. Working capital is the lifeline of all businesses but day-to-day trading operations can quickly exhaust cash: the wait time to get paid, stock waiting to be sold or materials and labour consumed but not yet sold. Cash becomes tied up in various parts of a business. No matter how good your profits are, without cash you can’t get far. If your business doesn’t produce cash fast enough you have a greater reliance on debt and so your exposure to financial risk is heightened. In extreme circumstances, businesses can go broke even when profitable due to cash flow issues. 

    You’re Too Focussed on Profitability, Not Cash

     Sick of being the person who isn’t getting the cash? The tax man gets their money, the bank gets their repayments, your suppliers are paid when they are meant to be and your employees take home their wages each pay cycle. But what about you as the business owner? How are you going to achieve your financial goals whether they are personal or business without having cash? Don’t risk being a business that goes broke whilst being profitable, switch the cash hose on in your business

    When every part of your business is an outlet of money (employees, the tax department, and loan providers) it’s easy to forget about your own business and individual financial goals. This course is designed to help you improve your cash flow and prioritise your own goals. We aim to increase your cash by 10% - imagine what this number would be for your business and how this would impact your working capital.

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    Course Outcomes

    • Structure for how each Cash Creation task needs to be completed by each team to optimise the business cash flow process.
    • Establish monthly cash flow meetings to execute on plans and reach cash flow goals.
    • Understand the mechanics of how cash comes in and goes out of your business.
    • Reduce your reliance on debt to manage cash flow.
    • Ensure you’re optimising the cash generated from your business, not just the profitability.
    • Learn the strategies to help create cash for your business.
    • Become an empowered business owner and be in a position to take cash from the business for personal benefit or reinvestment back into the business.

    90 Day Love Your Finance Team Guarantee

    If you don’t get better than a 10x return on your investment in our course from your finance team within 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

    Course Outline

    • We share the processes we work through with businesses to accelerate the speed and increase the volume of cash that comes into your business. We also slow down the speed of cash going out of the business.
    • Internal systems and processes that we use ourselves at CFO Dynamics.
    • Two hours of training videos that will guide business owners and finance team members on how to be elite in their rol.
    • Procedures and checklists for how to execute each objective by your finance, sales and operations team.
    • Tools we use to find the cash gems hiding in plain sight within your business.
    • KPI’s to see an improvement in cash generation within the business including where you started and where you are today.
    • How to leverage your position with your clients and suppliers to optimise the profitability and cash flow from these relationships.
    • We share with you the #1 KPI that is the fastest way to get more cash into your business.
    • How to get your team motivated to improve, how they can influence the outcome and how they can be rewarded.
    • Differentiating between cash and profitability. Learn that profit does not automatically mean cash in the bank.

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    Two hours of training videos that will guide business owners.
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    We’re offering the first two people to take up this course two x two-hour sessions with us and their finance team to enhance their Cash Creation implementation.
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    We have two places available for two two-hour sessions for you and your finance team to enhance the Cash Creation implementation.


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    Definitely not! This course will teach you the mechanics of how cash comes in and goes out of your business. We’re going to share with you strategies to positively impact these areas not become a demanding supplier to your clients or a difficult client for your suppliers

    Yes, this course will help you achieve this objective. The reason that we run a business for financial reasons isn’t for profit, it’s for cash. You can’t have cash without profit however this course will help unstick your cash and get it into your pocket.