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Does Location Affect Working With a Virtual CFO?

If you’re considering investing in a virtual CFO in Australia, you may be wondering if your location makes a difference on the quality or value of the services being delivered.

How Geographical Location Affects Virtual CFO Services

As a virtual CFO provider headquartered in Perth, we have clients located state-wide as well as on opposite coasts of Australia, and even as far-reaching as North America. But despite the difference in location and time zone, we can safely say this does not impact the level or value of service that each client receives.

No matter where you’re based, our process begins with understanding your goals and objectives as a business owner or key decision-maker. Being an outsourced CFO provider, we’re not just equipped to handle virtual interactions, but optimised to. As well as via typical channels such as video conferencing, we’ve developed a suite of virtual tools, technology and software that means we provide the same high quality service, no matter where you’re based.

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Additionally, much of the work we do as a virtual CFO provider is done remotely from our office for security reasons – even if a client’s warehouse is 10 minutes down the road. This ensures the confidentiality and security of your data and information by handling it on our secure servers.

That said, we understand the value of meeting business owners in person, shaking hands, seeing their premises, and meeting their people. For this reason, our virtual CFOs often travel Australia-wide to visit clients on a regular basis, such as quarterly, in between monthly strategy sessions conducted via Zoom.

However, if you’re unsure about how working with a virtual CFO would look like in your business, please get in touch. We offer free discovery sessions where we can walk you through what the process would look like for your specific business, especially in relation to your finance and growth goals.


Is my location relevant for outsourced CFO services?

Ultimately, whether you’re located in Australia or anywhere else in the world, our methodology remains the same as we strive to provide exceptional virtual CFO services to every client.


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