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    90-Day Business Turnaround

    90-Day Business Turnaround

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    90-Day Business Turnaround 

    Gearing up for a business turnaround requires structure, consultation and experience. You might be about to engage in enterprise resource planning or just want to deliver greater profitability.

    If you’re stuck not knowing what solutions to implement and need to get control of your business financially, the 90-Day Business Turnaround course is for you.

    This course will take you through a step-by-step process to successfully execute a business turnaround within 90 days.

    How Is My Business Going To Survive?

    [Problem Explanation] Getting into a position where a business needs a turnaround is uncomfortable, but the only way out the other side is through. Perhaps you’ve tried sales and marketing experts but your profitability challenges remain. You might have spread yourself too thin - hiring new employees or entering new markets without knowing their associated costs. Maybe there has been a shift in demand for your product/service or increased costs not reflected in your pricing.

    Often for business owners faced with a turnaround, there’s no clear starting point. There’s no guarantee that we can rectify your business and assure its survival. However, we can offer your business a process that will give it the greatest chance of success.

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    Course Outcomes

    • Gain clarity and direction for where to begin your business turnaround.  
    • Have a clear roadmap and process to get out of trouble.
    • Return your business to its prior glory.  
    • Get your business back to profitability and your cash flow mirroring what you’ve achieved in the past or better.
    • Resolve issues with angry suppliers, tax debt, overreliance on debt, low team morale, and the stress of running a business that’s losing money.

    The 90-Day Alive and Thrive Guarantee

    If your business isn’t alive and thriving in comparison to where you were 90 days prior to undertaking this course, you’ll get your money back. 

    Course Outline

    • A step-by-step methodology to work towards the outcome of a business turnaround. This includes CFO Dynamics’ own internal systems and processes.
    • Identify where you are in the turnaround process and the appropriate place to start for your given situation.
    • Calculate the true breakeven point of your business and influence this number.
    • Minimising the reliance on debt and/or investing more capital into your business.
    • Business cost reduction without impacting product/ service quality.
    • Identification of products/services you should be selling, where you should be selling and who you should be selling to.
    • Accelerating cash flow and slowing down business withdrawals, without affecting suppliers, the bank or the tax department.
    • Understanding financial trajectory and identifying areas for improvement.
    • Accelerating operating cash flow into the positive and identifying where cash can be created.
    • How to involve your team in the turnaround journey without instilling fear in them.
    • How to develop accountabilities and benchmarks to be achieved throughout the turnaround process for all team members.
    • Improving the performance and return on investment for your team.
    • Communication strategies for dealing with suppliers, the tax department and employees.

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    2-Days Full Time Course Commitment
    We’re currently offering a limited number of two two-hour sessions for a course participant and their team with CFO Dynamics
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    2-Days Full Time Course Commitment


    we offer two-day entirely personalised intensives with you and your team

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    This course is for businesses with deteriorating performance and a reduction in profitability who are shifting towards losses. This isn’t a “failure to launch” business program, this course is for businesses that have had success in the past but have fallen on poor times.