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Financial Linguistics

Do you find financial information intimidating? Full of lingo you don’t understand and too afraid to ask? This course is designed to bring to life the numbers in your business without boring you to tears! To succeed in business you must know your numbers and this course will show you how.

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Work In Progress

Do you run a project or construction business? Are you tracking your work in progress? Not tracking your work in progress for a project or construction business is the number one reason they fail! This course will show you why it is crucial for the success of your business and how you can implement this within your business, today.

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True Breakeven

Do you find you aren’t getting ahead financially even though your profit says you are making money? Do you know what your business needs to sell each day, week, month, year to pay everyone (bills, tax, loans, you!) and have some left over? In this course, you will learn and apply in your business exactly what you need to do to generate true breakeven, stop going backwards and achieve your financial goals.

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